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Product Image Editing

product image editingProduct Image Editing is Everything: Creating Beautiful Images That Sell

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. With product image editing, pictures can paint just three words: “buy me now.”

With online shopping sites in huge numbers, some carrying items similar to or exactly the same as thousands of other online shopping sites. The key to converting a casual “I’m just looking” online shopper into an “I must buy this now” shopper is the visual impression that a product makes on the viewer.

Ask yourself the question – do my product images make me want to buy the product?

Product image editing allows a business to present their products in a striking, creative, or even a surprising way.

Presentation is key, and by strategic use of product image editing, a company can present to the consumer a virtually tangible impression of their products in a manner that reflects a professional edge, and a form that is more enticing to the consumer than a simple photograph without changes.

Product Backgrounds Don’t Have To Be White

For example, a white bathing suit on a perfectly-proportioned model against a blue and white backdrop can be even more enticing. It can draw more attention to the shape of the bathing suit and the product itself if the model and the backdrop are edited completely out of the image. Leaving only the clean lines of a now perfectly-formed three-dimensional white bathing suit against a sea-blue horizon.

product background editing

Product image editing used in this way can draw a consumer’s eyes to the product itself, and with the model’s curves demonstrating the most flattering fit, creates a purity without distractions.

There are many other methods to display and demonstrate the look of a product so be sure to allow enough time for the process. If you don’t have the time to do the editing yourself (most businesses don’t!), then you can save yourself the headaches and time by using an outsource company. It is essential you use a professional image editor, if you decide to send the work outside.

The editors will need to take into account the current spec’s of your website in terms of layouts and colors. After all it wouldn’t be much use if the images don’t match the same size as your current website setup or if the website colors don’t match the backgrounds of the images edited. Consistency is the key!

Here are some important editing aspects that you should consider for your sites images –

  • Image Brightness
  • Background removal
  • Item removal
  • Resizing the images
  • Image cropping
  • Straightening of the product
  • Garment wrinkle removal
  • Retouch’s on skin
  • Retouch’s on product

Sell the Parasol? Can you sell anything with Product Image Editing?

Product image editing can be used in a variety of ways to encourage positive emotional responses in consumers, including the sound use of lighting enhancements and texture details.

The limits of this process are established only by the creativity and imagination of the editor and client. If you can dream it, we can do it. For example, and using a purely far-fetched example for purposes of demonstration.

product image editing sell anything

Let’s say that you wish to sell the parasol from Monet’s famed “Woman with a Parasol” painting. Although the painting itself is a classic, the parasol is the product that is for sale in this hypothetical, and product image editing can make that parasol the focal point of an image that includes it.

With product image editing, the parasol can be the only item in the finished image, or it can reflect light from an unseen sun. The parasol can be blue, or red, or green. Or it could be floating over the garden at Giverny. The sky is the limit, and the parasol will sell.

This may be a really obscure example though it is used to illustrate the point that Product Image Editing is key in the the modern eCommerce environment. You need to extract, improve and highlight any image you plan to use to sell products on your website. For a short term minimal cost you can be reaping the rewards from great looking images for years to come.

This is not your regular Photo Shop

No other product image editing service will provide the professional results that Internet Ready Images provides.

We work with you to create the image that will best present your products, including a virtually limitless color palette, background removal, contrast adjustment, toning. Ultimately, your product will stand out from all the other tired photos of the same product that litter the internet.

Why not get in touch with us today with your questions, or you can send us a free trial image for us to demonstrate our capabilities.

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